Monday, 1 July 2013

What happens in Napa...goes on Blogspot.

Apologies for my recent lack of posts, however I have the perfectly good excuse of being away on holiday.
 Good food, good music, late nights and early mornings, I'll miss getting in at 7am and attending clubs that have swimming pools and parties on the beach. I definitely have a case of the holiday blues, and the rest of my summer is now looking even more depressing so all I am left with are these holiday snapshots.

The heaven that is Nissi Beach.

My favourite bikini and favourite 'Rihanna-style' cover up.

Cocktails at Happy Hour by the pool


Getting ready for nights out

Plane Journey

Just a few pictures that round up my amazing week. All my pictures that were taken on nights out were taken on a disposable camera, and I can hardly remember what's on there so it's going to be funny to find out once they're developed! Hope you like the pictures!

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